We call ourselves Brainites. But who is a Brainite and what is Brainite? I thought of extrapolating the word Brainite to highlight some of our core values.

  1. Beyond the call of duty : Delighting the end customer is something we should focus on. We should go beyond our specified duty to delight a customer.
  2. Radical Innovation: What are we doing that others are not? We need to innovate and execute faster than our competition to get the next level of growth.
  3. Astuteness: Our ability to penetrate deeply into new ideas and seek opportunity (business) through them.
  4. Integrity: Our commitment to be ethical, sincere and open in our dealings be it with Customers, Employees or Vendors.
  5. Network: We should always network because networking would mean social engagement, idea sharing and more business opportunities.
  6. Institutionalisation: Whatever good we do should be applauded and if its a successful implementation then we should try to replicate that across the organization.
  7. Teamwork & Leadership: We should have a vibrant team culture. Here team means, individual groups, departments and the organization as a whole. Leaders should be identified at an early stage and should be groomed to take up higher posts going forward. Leaders should lead by example and thats a culture than needs to be imbibed.
  8. Excellence: We should be committed to work relentlessly to improve ourselves, our systems, our processes, our teams, our services so that we become the best in the world.


Christmas time, Guys! So have fun and usher in the New Year with your friends and near & dear ones! God Bless you All.


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