We describe people all the time. For example, you might tell your friends what your boss is like. You might tell your sister what that cute girl you saw looks like.

Descriptions are used a lot in books, in articles and in other kinds of communication in English. Reading or hearing a description of someone can give you a better idea of what they look like or act like.

One lazy day I thought of having a chit chat with our polite, calm, helpful Team Lead – Shambhu Sarkar. Apart from being a perfect Team Player, Shambhu is also known for his creative, friendly and composed nature. He joined us when we were AMS Technologies on July, 2011.

Here’s the chit chat we had that lazy evening.

  • Consider yourself to be the new addition to your bookshelf. What book would you be and why?

Ans: Pathways to Greatness : Coming Together for Change
by A. P. J. Abdul Kalam
As this is written by A.P.J. Abdul Kalam and the book is very inspiring. In this book he described how our nation can lead the whole world on the pathway to greatness. He wrote this book just before his death.

  • How would you explain Web Development in three sentences to your seven years old niece?

Ans: As you draw lines, road, home, tree, hills etc. on canvas and explain me this road is connecting the hills to homes or people to their homes. In same way we make road through Web which connect people to people and people to home. As you draw your thought and imagination on your canvas similarly I represent your thought and imagination in the bigger canvas in an organized manner which we called Development.

  • What would the title of your Biography be?

Ans: Since being Mr. Sarkar.

  • What was the last gift you received from someone or gave someone?

Ans: I believe in gifting others which gives me happiness and joy.

  • Pretend you are the CEO of Brainium. What 3 concerns would keep you awake at night?

Ans : 1) Managerial Skills.

         2) Working in a Global Marketplace on demand.

         3) Maintaining Legislation.

  • What’s the most interesting thing about you that we wouldn’t learn from your Social Accounts?

Ans: Social accounts or social networking site are virtual world. To know me you need to meet me personally and spend time with me.

  • On a scale of 1 to 10, how intolerable do you find selfies on Facebook?

Ans: 5 out of 10. It has become a trend in the young generation. For me it’s just taking photograph of yourself and any good photograph is surely appreciable.

  • What should be the work philosophy you would like to follow as new Project Manager?


  • Good listener, here to my team mates opinion and there issues and as well as client’s requirement and problems.
  • Be Patient with my team mates and stand with them in adverse conditions while maintaining the company’s interest.
  • Encourage my team mates to learn and implement new technologies. Always push myself and my team mates to go extra miles to achieve goals.
  • Which is your favorite part of a day and why?

Ans: Morning. At that time I feel fresh.

  • Please share your experience working with Brainium Information Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Ans: It is an incredible journey with Brainium. From the starting when it was AMS Technologies with 17 employee to our present strength and still counting. In last 5 years with AMS as a team lead I had seen ups and downs of the organization. I got lots of exposer and opportunities here to work with potential designers and developers, from them I had learnt lots of technical knowledge which will benefit me in future. Our three captains always steers the ship to success with their leadership and guidance. I am looking forward for more years with AMS Technologies today’s Brainium Information Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

  • How has your family supported you in shaping your career?

Ans: My family is my lifeline likes others. They always supports me whatever I do and want to do.

  • Your first one you fell for, or is there a long list? You better be honest this time around!

Ans: I wish there was a long list to share but unfortunately for you guys there are no such gossip. Yes I do fell for someone now but that “someone” is my beloved “wife”.

  • Finally any message for all your colleagues in Brainium Information Technologies Pvt. Ltd.?

Ans: We are the creator of things that runs daily in web. Always remember your works and innovation are always will be in the public domain. So give 100% of whatever code and design you make or write; irrespective of all the negativity around you. Absorb the positivity and focus on the goals of the life and move ahead in your successful carrier.

Interviewed by:
Satyajit Roy.
HR Executive.

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