• Consider yourself to be the new addition to your bookshelf. What book would you be and why?

AnsPatience myself – A person can reach a step of success with his patience.

  • How would you explain Web Development in three sentences to your seven years old niece?

AnsI would like to explain Designing by:

  1. Design is the creation of a plan of drawing produced.
  2. Design is the convention for the construction of an object.
  3. Realization of a concept or idea into a configuration.
  • What would the title of your Biography be?

Ans: Don’t give up, always keep patience.

  • What was the last gift you received from someone or gave someone?

AnsCute smiley with small word “Baba” from my Son.

  • Pretend you are the CEO of Brainium. What 3 concerns would keep you awake at night?

Ans :

  1. Think more how to convince clients politely.
  2. Current update of the IT market.
  3. Think how to inspire employee to boost up their energylevel.
  • What’s the most interesting thing about you that we wouldn’t learn from your Social Accounts?

AnsListen Music.

  • On a scale of 1 to 10, how intolerable do you find selfies on Facebook?

AnsI will give 5 out of 10. Because Sometimes it reminds bad memory. For which we can feel hurt.

  • What should be the work philosophy you would like to follow as Designer / Developer?

AnsI must be followed by seniors work, so I can get different ideas. May this idea help me to solve any difficult work. And I will spread this idea among juniors.

  • Which is your favorite part of a day and why?

AnsAt the time of Sun sets. Because, I hope the next day will come soon with a bunch of happiness and much more happen. Hope never ends.

  • Please share your experience working with Brainium Information Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

AnsI am very happy with myself to work with Brainium Information Technologies Pvt. Ltd. From here, I have got a better opportunity to experiment and grab experience.

  • How has your family supported you in shaping your career?

AnsWithout the support of my family, I couldn’t reach in my career.

  • Your first one you fell for, or is there a long list? You better be honest this time around!

AnsNo, My wife is the first one. And I love her so much.

  • Finally any message for all your colleagues in Brainium Information Technologies Pvt. Ltd.?

AnsBe proud of yourself whether you are doing your best.

Interviewed by:
Mousumi Sultana.
HR Executive.

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