Relaunch of Grey Matter! – By Sourav Sinha

All work and no play makes jack a dull boy!

We are not dull. We love to play too.

With most of us not coming to office one way of connecting was to have a e-magazine for the Brainite and of the Brainite!

Many of us have a lot of creativity inside us and this is the place where you show it to a distributed but concerted audience!

To be fair we did start this magazine few years ago but over time it fizzled out, so when Swetabja came to me with this idea to relaunch Grey Matter, I was all game! Hopefully this time we will not stop and the issues keep coming!

Your stories, your poems, your jokes, your travelogues, your photographs- anything that you have built or created will get a place here. Let’s make this a platform where we let all our creative juices flow. Let’s make Brainium a place where we not only develop software but a knowledge and creative hub!

With that let’s go in and see what we have in this edition of Grey Matter!

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