What’s stopping you?- By Sourav Sinha

I need a job!

I am hiring!

I am providing this and that service!

We are number 1 in this and that!

We are an award winning company!

This is how most are promoting themselves!

When I ask why don’t you post something insightful – you start thinking. Then you think some more!

And that leads to overthinking! And you don’t start!

Overthinking is a thing!

Instead, take a diary and write down what you did that day.

  • A one to one meeting with your manager
  • A client call
  • A group or team meeting
  • A luncheon get together
  • Planning for the next vacation
  • What did the kids do at school
  • Spoke to a friend
  • Bought a book
  • The rush in the tube rail
  • The Uber driver who kept you waiting and then cancelled the ride

and the list goes on…

There are so many incidents that would have happened with you over the whole day!

A normal human being makes 16000 decisions in a day!

And you still say you don’t have anything to write about?

You write to bring clarity to your thoughts!

And if those thoughts resonate with a section of your audience – voila – you start building your community!

You have your wants – believe me everyone has their wants but just wanting something won’t give you “that” something.

So go ahead and build something. Start by building your own community! Start building a fan base!

It starts with one
Then moves to ten and soon you will have a gang of people who start endorsing you!

For some it takes one year, for some it takes five years but if you are consistent in providing value no one can stop you from winning!

The guy who is laughing at you today will be left pondering tomorrow!

But if you are the one who is left pondering tomorrow then it’s your fault because time waits for no one!

Start by writing about your personal and professional growth!

What have you learnt in the last two years?

People two years junior to you will relate to those struggles and will be inspired by what you have achieved today!

Are you still thinking?

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