You Are An Original -By Sourav Sinha

Your DNA never existed on this planet.

No one will have your unique set of experiences. No one will ever have your unique point of view.

There was never anyone like you in the past and there will never be anyone like you in the future!

You have complete monopoly over yourself.

And, then what do you do with this “unique you”? You give up.

When you are yourself, you have value. When you are like anyone else, you lose that value.

The world defines you as someone who is easily replaceable.
The world defines you as someone who provides little value.

But that’s not true!

Because you are unique and the only one of “you” in the whole world.

That’s where the fun is
That’s where the value is
That’s where the money is.

When Steve Jobs decided to open Apple Stores, he hired one of the best in the business, Ron Johnson (from Target) and he planned the store in a way that general retail stores used to be.

But one look and Steve completely dismantled it. He didn’t want multiple racks and he didn’t want clutter in the stores. Apple had 4 products and he made one of those 4 products as the show stopper and the other 3 in the rest 3 walls. That’s it. Simple and clutter free.

A visitor walks in and is not confused. He gave them enough space so that they could play around with the product without the sales people breathing on their necks.

It’s been decades and Apple has followed that principle which has made them the most unique retail store in the whole world.

You command a price when you are unique and Apple shows you that.

Now imagine if Steve Jobs would have followed the same structure like other retail stores – would they have remained unique?

Similarly, your contest is not with other people, but with being the best version of yourself.

You enter contests where the outcome is dependent on forces outside your control. You think it’s safer to hide behind the crowd, you think it saves you from being judged by others.

It means you are not playing to win, rather you are playing not to lose.

What a waste of your uniqueness.

The great architect and designer Frank Gehry said, “When I teach a class, the first thing I do with students is ask them to write their signature on a piece of paper”. And we spread them out and I say, “They all look different and that’s you, and that’s you, and that’s you, so stay with that forever.”
Staying with that forever doesn’t necessarily mean you will be the biggest or most popular thing in the world. But it does mean you will have a monopoly. And that you will always be a winner.

The wise know that the better contest is with yourself. They know the best route to success is to “be yourself”.

And to stay that way forever.

Are you still following the crowd? Or are you remaining unique?

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I agree. Always compete with yourself. Always, improve yourself. Do not try to be like others.

Shreemalya sinha

Agree. Always compete with yourself.





Asif Ahmed

Inner peace! Mindfulness, Acceptance and Hope.


Thanks for your valuable comment.