You are God – By Sourav Sinha

We will become “RIP” eventually!

We are on rented time! God wants us to enjoy life on the earth that he has created. He rented part of his time to us!

The earth is his creation and he wants to enjoy his creativity through us. After all, the soul is God and each one of us has his goodness inside us!

Then when your contracted time is over, you get integrated with God. You are God. God has created you.

Then you leave the earth one day. And you become RIP in many social media posts! Life goes on as usual for the people left behind!

What work you do when you are alive is how you will be remembered!

As many known as well as unknown people die around us, remember we all are connected! Because the supreme creator is one. God is one. He might be called by different names but he is One and so whoever leaves us, you know or don’t know, are a part of us!

This pandemic has made us realise that you can plan whatever you want to plan but you have no control over your tomorrow! Do the best you can with whatever you have, and pay it forward!

  • The food you don’t like to eat may be an elixir for another!
  • The clothes you hate to wear could be the only piece of cloth for another!

So be kind, it can be given for free! Share happiness, make others smile – you can do that without any hassle!

Because finally once that dreaded news is posted on social media what you will get in the comments is RIP!

But the people to whom you made a real difference, will keep remembering you for your goodness and you keep living in their minds for all the good reasons! They remain inspired thinking what you have done to their lives and the experience that you have given them make them smile.

So, write an obituary about yourself and then work backward! If you have not done it yet, do it now! And when you do something good, the last thing you should do is telling or bragging about it to others! Your goodness will come to naught if you use it as your marketing tool.

Marketing or branding is what others speak about you at your back. So do good and be good! Let others do what they want to do!

Don’t just be remembered as RIP in a social media post! Be remembered for the difference you brought about in this world!

You are part of God! God is beautiful and so are you!

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